For those that may be interested in the story

Well, I had a few people ask about this when I glanced by the fact that I was stressed due to serious changes at my work. So, I figure I might as well give those that are curious as much information as I am permitted to give. Please note, work places have confidentiality clauses. Also, I don’t know all the details of what went on. So, in some points, I am as much in the dark as anyone reading this.

So, let’s get this sad tale started. Yesterday, when I walked into work, I did not expect anything at all. Usually, my days blend into each other because, in general, nothing ever really changes. Sure, there may be a new part to order one day, or there may be a strange accident the other. However, the general flow of each day is more or less the same.

Well, that was definitely not the case yesterday. Not long after I started setting up my work programs, I was informed that there was a major shake-up in my office. Apparently, the manager and parts foreman, both related to each other, quit in between the time that I had left work and the time I had come in. There was no prelude to the departure of both of these individuals. We just simply no longer had those two major figures at our work.

Well, my position isn’t necessarily the lowest ranked in the shop. So, I was suddenly tossed into the position where I had to suddenly pick up a large portion of paperwork and other tasks that I had only barely touched or was never clued in at all. In fact, I’m still in the process of learning a whole lot at the moment, but we’ll get back to that. Luckily, I had covered for the parts foreman in the past, so I knew a good deal of the various tasks needed to keep that going. It was more of an unexpected wave that made the burden stressful than the fact that anything.

Also, we did have the positive element that the divisional vice president was in the area and helped us out. They even dragged someone over from Phoenix, our main offices, to help teach us the elements that we had not been trained on. I’m honestly very impressed that they got him in within half a work day. Must be tough to be called out like that.

On a side note, I was just told “if you get overwhelmed, holler out. I’m not going to help you, but holler out.” He will never read this, but thanks a lot, Randy.

Anyway, the fact that I am capable of writing this at the moment is more of a testament of how quickly I can type and think. I am extremely busy at work and do have a lot that just suddenly appeared on my plate. However, I am determined to overcome. Heh, maybe I can even snap at another raise.

Sorry for boring.

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