Missed the chance to see the Girls’ Party?

Well, Seferia is here once more to do her normal post-stream report.  So fear not, the party shall be seen no matter what time you desire to see it.

As I had previously posted, I had taken over hosting duties for Girl’s Night Out at Seraphie’s request.  I really do hope that I don’t let her down on that regard.  As far as hosting goes, I have no issues with that.  I just did not have the outpouring of gals popping up that Seraphie had managed the other nights.  So, we’ll see what happens with that.

Anyway, want to watch carnage and destruction?  For there are plenty of deaths, most notably mine!

Watch live video from club1kjho on TwitchTV

Thank you again, Club1kJho for allowing this event to be hosted on your channel. You guys are truly supportive of Monster Hunter and a fun group.

I’m also going to talk to the girls. There might be a chance that we might suggest letting a guy crash the party if we have a slow night again.

Hope to see you all next time around.

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