In preparation for another Girl’s Night Out

Girl's Night Out

Well, it’s Wednesday and the girl’s are preparing to have another wild night in the world of Monster Hunting. Unfortunately, tonight marks the start of a change in the format to the Girl’s Night Out crew. Due to personal reasons, Seraphie felt the need to step down and take care of her family first over hosting the GNO. So, instead of being the supportive host, I’m stepping up to be the main host of the foray.

Please do note that I always supported Seraphie in her creation. I never looked for a chance to overthrow her and wanted her to be in the spotlight. However, I also want her vision to live on. So, when she asked for help, I was glad to offer the help. Also, if she ever manages to find the time to host GNO again, I will gladly hand the reigns back over to her.

Anyway, I have a schedule that permits me to be very flexible with my start times. However, there was no strong call to start earlier. So, I’m keeping to Seraphie’s start time of 7PM PST/10PM EST. If in the future, I find that there are more that want to join that can’t make that start, I will adjust my start time as needed.

I also will admit that my streams have always been laid back and never had much of a format. We simply started playing and let people converse with us in the chat. So, I hope that I will manage as well as Seraphie did in providing introductions and all of that.

One last thing, I will be streaming on club1kJho’s Twitch channel for the event. I don’t think my connection would survive if I attempted to stream to both my account and 1kJho’s at the same time. So, GNO will be exclusive to 1kJho.

Thanks all for the support. Also, Seraphie, as I said, you will forever be our executive producer. If there is any direction that she wants the show to go in, I will always comply with her wishes.

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