Ok, going to do another character profile

This time, I’m actually going to do a real character profile. I’m not going to do the quickly thrown together timid character profile that I added at the end of Jenna’s entry. Also, for the record, I probably will go back and redo a proper profile for her. I was mostly analyzing the designs and changes that I had done to her through the years with my artwork. I was also just establishing her as a creation that preceded a certain contest.

Anyway, enough of the rambling. On to the main present. I present for your reading pleasure the details on the creature whose name you are well acquainted with. She is the being that is highlighted the most out of my fictional works because I abuse her name.

I present to you, Seferia Catanya.

Not quite the avatar picture that I use, huh? That’s because the avatar I use is not Seferia at all. So, time for the education to begin.

Seferia is the second in command of the Catanyan forces. She stands at the right hand of her queen and only answers to her. She also acts as a liaison to the dragon council, speaking on behalf of her leader as she tries to find more allies in their crusade against the “plague of humanity” upon earth.

The black dragon became second in command because she was found and raised by the feline priestess and decadent of Bastet, Lady Clawina Catanya (whose first name is in severe need of being fixed). As such, she became the adoptive daughter of the feline. Both assumed, given the history of crusades against dragons during the dark ages, that Seferia’s sires were killed by humans, which explained why the feline found a sole hidden egg in a pile of rubble. That belief combined with the zealot-like faith that Lady Catanya had concerning a divine calling to rid humanity from the earth lead to Seferia’s strong hatred of humanity.

In addition, since Seferia was raised by the feline priestess, she bows to her every whim without question. She sees her leader as a mother and is loyal to a fault. On most cases, if she is around her Queen, she will silently stand by her side and wait for approval to engage in any activities. She also will rarely question her place nor the decisions of the Catanyan leader.

Most of her upbringing was stringent and involved various battle strategies and lessons in war. As such, the dragon is a very serious and stoic being. She rarely will joke with others, nor will she waste time in things that she finds petty. She feels the need to get the job done in all cases, and will rarely stray away from her goals.

Seferia is skilled in magic, as most dragons are, though she is not a master of the craft. The reason for many of her failings in magic and sometimes battle strategies is the simple fact that she is an adolescent. Compared to many creatures that exist on Earth, she is old and educated, around a century in age. However, compared to the rest of her kind, she is inexperienced and foolhardy.

The largest example of her inexperience shines with her human disguise. Most dragons have mastered the ability to transform their bodies to hide themselves on the Earth, and Seferia is no exception. However, her youth along with her complete lack of caring for the human species have contributed to a form that does not fully blend in. For starters, Seferia’s skin in human form is a bit too dark for what a human should be capable of obtaining. Also, she has white hair and yellow eyes that attribute to her odd appearance. Her voice retains much of her draconic vocals; thus, it is a bit too deep and loud to seem right for a young adult woman. Finally, she never bothers to use her magic to adjust her weight. So, while she stands at near to six feet tall as a human and has a slim yet toned build, her weight remains the same as her real form. In many cases, most would not notice her weight. However, she does have difficulties walking on elevated floors or other structures that would give in to her weight.

The final component to her human form that is not right is her tendency not to express at all. Being a dragon at nature, she is used to expressing her emotoins mainly through mental projections. Thus, when she is in human form, she rarely utilizes her facial muscles nor other forms of body language that come naturally to humans. When asked to purposely emote, she rarely performs the action properly.

Despite Seferia’s near blind faith and loyalty to her queen, she has been known to make deals with Jenna in order to further the larger picture. She also is capable of reasoning beyond her beliefs at times. She also has been known to make deals without the full knowledge of her Queen. Thus, she cannot fully be categorized as a zealot like her leader.

Finally, Seferia is known for one other major attribute. She is a powerful psychic, even amongst the rest of her species, which are prone to being gifted with magical and psychic abilities. She can easily manipulate the minds of lesser beings to either garner their knowledge or bombard them with other mental attacks to disable them. She will often use her ability to instill paralyzing fear in others first when confronting an opponent.

And with that, I close this article on the black dragon Seferia. I hope that I did not bore too much.

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