Another weekend full of MH streams from Seferia

It feels so very good to be past the hump of technical glitches and various other oddities that used to plague my streams. I feel like I’ve gotten to a pretty good spot with the quality of my streams. About the only thing that I could possibly do to improve them more is get a faster internet, but I think that is not plausible where I live. Even then, the quality looks pretty good. So, I think I’m keeping with what I have.

For all those that my have missed my last two streams from this past weekend, this post is for you. As usual, I’m about to place them up here for storage and commentary, since twitch doesn’t have a comment section for recorded streams.

Enjoy the streams past the more below.

Watch live video from seferia on TwitchTV

First, there was Friday’s stream, which was a special one that I decided to do a bit on the fly. A friend of mine mentioned that Tri Ultimate had been out for a month on Friday, so a special stream was put together for the occasion. Of course, I don’t really need much of a reason to play Monster Hunter, but it was still worth streaming.

I even got to meet a new hunter, Pamizard. It was a blast chatting and hunting with her.

Watch live video from seferia on TwitchTV

Then, there was my weekly broadcast, Ultimaturdays, that corresponds to the weekly Unity hunts. This was another enjoyable stream. I think I may have just barely beaten my record with this stream. However, the 10 hour mark does seem to be my current limit. One day, I’ll be well rested and do a marathon stream that will make me go “why did I do this?” Then I will answer “because it was Monster Hunter”. Mmm-hmm.

Anyway, enjoy the shows, if you can actually survive watching them both all the way through.

I shall stream again next Saturday, but I will have to take my kitties to the vet on Saturday as well for their shots. So, I have no good idea on when I’ll start aside from early afternoon.

Oh, and please do check out the Boom de Yada project that I’m trying to organize.

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