The great proposal: Boom de Yada

I’ve already posted this on my blog on Capcom Unity. However, I wanted to also place the proposal on here as well. In part, I’m cross-posting in order to jot down notes on ideas that have come up since I posted my original blog post on Unit. I also just wanted to have it here for reference.

So, let us get down to business. I recently proposed a project that would require the assistance of multiple Monster Hunters across the globe. There are many of us that record our hunts and have the ability to record our voices as well. So, this project is very much doable, as long as we come up with a crew that are willing to have fun with the idea.

As for the idea, it is a Monster Hunter themed and modified Boom de Yada. Inspiration for this project can be seen below.


Unlike the World of Warcraft video, which utilized 3d model animations, I propose that various people record themselves playing Monster Hunter so that we could put up a montage of Monster Hunters around the world. We’d record our characters doing actions to correspond to the lyrics that we’ve chosen, one way or another.

Also, I’ve also considered the idea of having the various MH groups out there, such as the podcast groups, be featured in the group Boom de Yada lines. Of course, that would require signing up the various groups that have started podcasts in order to get the job done.

Finally, the video clips and voices would be compiled into one single video which would then make our completed MH Boom de Yada. There’s the chance that we’d need to do a massive group skype call in order to get the voices done right, I don’t know.

I’ve already had a number of people state that this sounds like a fun idea. I know that my friend Redstache would love to help work on the lyrics. I can even twist Malek’s arm to get him to compose the background music and arrange it for us. Many of the girls from the GNO stream thought that this would be a fun project.

So, if the stars align, it can be done. Just need to hunt down volunteers.

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