It’s really been a while since I updated, haven’t I? I really should more often.

Aside from my mother, which you can read about in my one previous post, I’m pretty actually somewhere normal for once. If you read the Halcyon files at all, you will see the extras RPs that appeared there, that really should be updated more. They don’t, and that is ultimately my fault. I make excuses and don’t update them as motivation waxes and wanes, but for once I decided to fluff them up, They need more love and if I sink into another one of my moody near-depression ruts, my creativity energies go down into the toilet.

It’s not good.

But yeah, today I am feeling somewhat towards normal. Happy day, warm afternoon, good food, no family complaints for once. These days will be even fewer in the months to come, so enjoy them while you can. Really. Don’t take the mundane for granted. It is probably the one thing you will remember most and crave for when the normalcy in your life no longer exists.

Another thing I want to put in the Addendum this week are Kalysto/Zulmire/Rhyderi solos. I used to write Solo-RP when I was in the Dragon Clan Lands (Another RP site I visit, with over 200 registered members, but there’s probably only about a handful active at any one given time), and it was one of the things I enjoyed. They weren’t quite fanfictions, but they were current-event character vignettes I enjoyed thinking of. They helped to get my little creative spurs going.

I honestly like RP more than I ever did Fanfic-ing. When you have somebody whom is likeminded enough, and a kindred spirit in your creativity, your work is a combination of efforts, rather than something that came out of your own head. And it reminds you that you are not alone in the world. You are not some rare flower that nobody understands. There is another who shares your interests and gives enough of a damn about them to ride along with you and come up with something great. This is one of the reasons I have RPed with Jenn/Seferia for like, 9 years now. It just feels natural. A likeminded person who, you know, actually GETS the jist of what you’re thinking. It’s more fun. It’s like having your most favourite thing in the world and you can share it with somebody. It’s pretty special.

So yeah, if motivation kicks hard enough this week, expect to see some Kalysto/Rhyderi/Zulmire solos from me in the future. They will be tied to the RP, but they will be afters, Kalysto’s teenage years, stuff Desiree didn’t come back to the past for. I want to fill in the gaps, and it’s a pretty good way to do it.

That’s about all from me for now.
– K

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