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Seferia was a bad girl and didn’t do her weekend stream report last week. For that, Seferia apologies. She was busy with work and otherwise being lazy and just reading fanfiction. She barely even logged onto her normal socializing areas last week in general. Overall, she just felt like being away for reasons that had nothing to do with anything other than being in a mood. Seferia doesn’t even know how to describe it other than that. There was no reason aside from just not feeling like doing things.

Anyway, this post is going to include the streams from the past two weekends. A lot has occurred during this time, which mostly involved hitting G-rank and building armors. Seferia went from G-rank G. Jaggi armor to Ivory Lagy armor. Overall, it’s been fun grinding away those armors and gettings things.

So, if you want to watch the various streams, feel free to check them out below.

So, let’s start with two weeks ago. There was a stream which could have gotten to the point that would have beaten Seferia’s marathon stream record; however, it did not. Unfortunately, I did get to a point in which I just had to take a break and relax for a bit. So, the record has not been beaten.

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Then, Seferia returned for a second round of Monster Hunter that night. However, the crew was switched around. Instead of the MHing team, it was more of the RE team. So, the dynamics of the chat were indeed very different. However, it remained fun.

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I need to hunt more with Shayla.

Anyway, onto this week’s streams. Once again, Seferia started off her Saturday stream in the morning, and actually got surprised. Prior to this past week, Seferia had only topped around 20 or so viewers. However, this past weekend, Seferia started hitting around 30 viewers. Seferia can’t exactly say that she knows what she’s doing to make herself any form of a success. However, she is glad that she is providing the goods that make others happy.

We also had a blast hunting.

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However, Seferia once again had to split the stream into two. This time, though, it was planned. Having plans to go out and have a gals’ night out with just her mother and her was worth it. However, after dinner, Seferia did return to continue the hunt.

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Finally, just recently, Seferia joined Seraphie in a joint effort for a different form of Girl’s Night Out. This time, it involved the various female hunters of Monster Hunter. It was an interesting experience. Usually, my streams are not so structured. Heh, I hardly ever bother with introductions at all. I just get to it and get the hunting done with. Still, we had fun.

We also had carts.

Mostly Ivy’s…

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Yes, I know it’ll probably take you two days to watch all these streams. However, get to it. Or not. Most likely not.

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    1. Heh, even if it was not 4 in the morning, that’s nearly a full day’s worth of videos to watch up there. I’d say you’re dedicated if you did watch it all.

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