Yay for nostalgia!

I grew up in the 80s, that is a fact. I think 80s cartoons was a golden age, that is an opinion. I continue to watch cartoons even in current times, that is a fact. So, I can fully say that there are some sucky 80s cartoons out there as well as some great current generation cartoons out there. I will admit that my belief that the 80s held a golden age status is only my opinion and could be clouded with childhood memories.

Anyway, for the reason such a strange topic came to my mind: While randomly searching through the bowels of the internet out of boredom, I decided to look up Denver, The Last Dinosaur.  I will not hesitate to state that this show was cheesy, but hey, watching it for fun harms no one.  Also, I really hope that more of my childhood shows show up in this manner.  These are not shows that I really feel the need to gather box sets for.  Not only would box sets take up space, but they would cost both me and the studio that releases them money.  To be honest, I don’t think there’s a good market out there for these silly titles, but there’s enough of us that will go looking for ad-supported free streams.  I’m certain it can be done.

In other news: if you like music, if you like games, you must get Beat Hazard.  This is one of the great games that have come out of the indie scene.  It is still new at the moment, so there’s some tweaking that needs to be done.  Still, this is a game that I won’t hesitate to suggest to the masses.  It simply is a blast.  Also, all my music kills me!

Lastly, I’m still waiting for my Monster Hunter Tri!  Oh, I probably could have gotten it earlier if I had gone with gamestop or something, but I support Amazon.  Le sigh, at least I have time to work on my backlog while I wait for it.  Once I get it though..  Monster, look out!

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