To the blog writers out there

Please, for my sanity, use your words to make points and statements. It can’t be too hard to write commentary when writing a commentary right? I mean, when a person is writing a blog post, one would think that they are writing something, right?

I had the misfortune of having a friend link this post to me not too long ago. Now, this person was mentioning how the article was reopening the gamer girl debate or something like that. However, I could care less about that little detail.

Instead, I tried to read it to find what exactly was stated to make any form of controversy. Sadly, I couldn’t properly finish the task because the author of the article put minimal effort into their words. Outside of the opening few paragraphs which introduced the supposed subject, which one is to assume that there are contradictions in gamer culture when it comes to females, this writer barely wrote any further words.

Sure, the images could theoretically tell some form of story somehow. However, the way that this article handled is simply atrocious. I personally wound find it beyond careless to give any reader a single sentence then a bunch of images without my interpretation as to what that was supposed to mean. However, that is how this article is structured. First, the writer presented a supposed rule, then they, what I assume, brought images to both support and discredit the rule that has been arbitrarily made. However, without the input from the author, it is left to the reader to come up with an interpretation as to what this all means.

So, it is no shock that there are people who are commenting without any comprehension as to what was “stated”. The author took the lazy route of speaking their mind, so nothing was actually stated. There’s no direction nor attempts at persuasion. All that is present is a series of abstracts that can possibly mean something, but I do not know what they mean to the author.

As such, I can firmly state that I feel that this author has failed on many levels. Please, when you write an article with so many images, at least put in commentary so that you continue to persuade your audience. It can’t be too hard. If an author feels like this is too much effort, then perhaps that person should reconsider their decision to write.

For the record, I couldn’t care less about what any think of gamer girls. I’m a female who plays games, I try not to make that much of a deal about it. I just ask to be called a she and not a he. That’s all. So, the entire debate is not worth my time.

May I never read another article like that one again…. Watch, I’ll find one like that in a week.

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  1. Sheesh, I’m sorry but this commentary has way too many words for me to understand what the bleeping heck you are talking about. Seriously, this blog needs more gifs to comprehend. 🙂

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