The end is drawing near

Tri Ultimate is releasing this month, which means that the weekly stream for P3rd is likely going to conclude in two weeks or so. This doesn’t mean that I’m done with P3rd streaming nor weekly monster hunter streams. No, it just means that the P3rd stream will be replaced with a TriU stream.

I’d also probably be likely to move the date of the weekly stream to make it work out a bit better, maybe. I don’t know. I’ll see if Friday is still a desirable day. I have time to think on that matter.

P3rd streams will likely occur when I have the whim to go onto P3rd. However, Freedom Fridays will be set free.

Anyway, enough of that talk. I’m not even fully certain what my plans are yet.

Anyway, this past Friday, I did stream P3rd again and this time, I think that I have the audio working nearly perfectly with what I want. I might need some tweaks and such, but it sounded much more stable from what I’ve skimmed over.

Unfortunately, Xsplit did have a silly error near the start of the stream. However, that was just a random error that could not be planned for. Sadly, computer programs do occasionally do that.

Anyway, feel free to watch the recordings. I’m open to any feedback, especially on the audio quality.

Watch live video from seferia on TwitchTV

Watch live video from seferia on TwitchTV

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