Bash things enough, and maybe something happens

This past week has been filled with a lot of trial and error. For that bit, I apologize. I wish that I could get programs to work the way that I want them to the first shot. However, things regularly need to be bashed in order to discover all the bugs. Then tweaked and bashed again.

It’s never a pretty process.

Anyway, OBS project has been fired. Sorry to all those that love that program, when it drops my streams like crazy, it gets shot and told “you suck!” I do not know what else I could do to get that program to work properly. I’ve tired, but it simply is not meant to be.

So, last night, I brainstormed and decided to try another approach. This approach involved minimizing the preview on Xsplit so that it would not use up so many unnecessary resources. I also bumped up the bitrate for the sound. The result sounded like it was close to what I wanted. So, I think I have it.

So, feel free to watch that result here. Or just listen. It’s probably more fun to just listen to this one.

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