Whoa.. Eesh…

Ok, maybe this is a mean thing to do here, but I am going to do it anyway.

Generally, for the last few years, I have been a large fan of David Willis and his webcomics.  His art style has pleased me in several ways throughout the years.  I’ve even bought a few prints from him.  However, today, I have to say that his sense of style has failed to impress me.

Now, maybe I am being a bit overcritical.  However, I just can’t like that layout at all.  The shade of yellow that he has going on as backgrounds for his segments to the right hand side of the page is simply puke inspired in my opinion.  It just doesn’t please.  Also, he has a strange sense of layout.  Half-way down that right hand row, there’s a segment that temporarily breaks up the flow.

Now, I’d be more forgiving for most sites.  However, since David Willis is an artist..  I’m sorry.  Go back to the drawing board, Willis.

End of rant.

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