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Today’s post is going to have a couple different things because I don’t feel like spamming with two to three different blog posts. That would just be silly. So, I’ll be silly by making a big post with a silly name!

First, I’m going to start with my typical past time of complaining about fanfiction that I tend to stumble across. I do honest attempt to try to weed out the chances of finding stories that drive me nuts. However, those attempts usually fail. How sad.

I’ve also found that in most cases, crossover stories just simply do not work. I do not know what’s with that part of; however, it seems that it’s always the worst writers that come up with crossovers. Either they exist purely for smut, or they just are plain terrible.

This story that I encountered today just seems to continue the trend. Most notable about it was that it seems to use present and past tense interchangeably. I don’t think the author even realizes that such things should be consistent. When the tenses flip-flop to the degree that is in this story, it simply looks messy and uneducated.

Furthermore, I dislike it when I come across stories that have giant walls of text as paragraphs. At least the story that I linked above actually uses a few paragraphs, barely. I’ve seen worse walls of tests in which an entire chapter would be a continuous paragraph.

On that same line of thought, I dislike it when the dialogue for multiple characters is all in a single paragraph. I find it passable if there is dialogue from a single character mixed in with a paragraph. However, when multiple people are speaking in the same paragraph, it becomes confusing. I also find those sort of paragraphs to be ones that use paragraphs simply on whim and have no actual understanding of how to separate thoughts into various paragraphs.

Now, onto the next topic of this blog post. Aren’t you glad you got past that prior stuff?

For the last two days, I’ve been streaming Monster Hunter. As usual, I like to put up the recordings of the streams up here so that people can comment on them. This is in part to give me blogging material. However, it is also a tool to actually give people a chance to leave comments. For, Twitch doesn’t have a comment system for their recorded videos.

Watch live video from seferia on TwitchTV

First, one Wednesday, Seraphie had asked to hunt Silver Rathaloses to get her some armor. So, Ghost, Gardevoir, and I joined her for the killings. We were later joined by Malek when Seraphie bowed out. Unfortunately, we never finished her set. However, we had fun working on it with her.

This was a very relaxed and unfocussed stream. So, don’t worry much about it. I mostly streamed just for the heck of it.

Watch live video from seferia on TwitchTV

Next, I did the promised TriU demo stream that I had promised to do when the demo came out. For the most part, I felt the demo is rather nice. However, I had points in which minor things irritated me. I also had an annoyance with a bow move not quite working out the way that I’m used to. It was rather frustrating to attempt to run while charging with the bow.

Some of us who played the demo thought that it might be a beta version that we were given as the demo. There were things that just felt off. I do hope that the full game doesn’t have these little things.

I suppose we’ll have to see.

With that, I end this huge post of multiple topics. I also would like to point out that up above is how paragraphs are meant to be used!

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    1. I do, though some would debate on this matter. If you look at the “fanfiction chronicles”, you’ll see that some of the earlier ones were actual praise for stories. I even had an author appear and thank me for my words.

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