Moving forward to improve my streams

For the longest time, I have hated the various technical issues that pop up in my streams. At first, it was just insuring that the stream doesn’t crash. Well, I got that down to a near science now. So, that part is all good.

Then, there was the time that my back-up mic didn’t quite perform. That was only temporary, but it was a pain. It was resolved. Not to mention, the real mic is back and performing at its fullest.

However, through all of the prior issues, there was one that I always wanted to tackle. However, the issue was not high priority, so it got set aside for quite some time. This problem was the fact that there was a lag in the way that the Hauppauge sent video to my computer. Thus, the voice commentary for the streams, that occurred while we were playing live, occurred just a few seconds before the viewer saw what happened. I always knew that this was not an ideal situation. However, I let it be because I had other more important issues to tackle.

Well, those larger issues had been tackled, so it was time for that voice to be fixed. Let me start by saying that Virtual Audio Cable is a great program. However, it was a bit tricky for me to get it working. At first, I just simply could not get it to agree to work. Once I turned on the repeater for my mic, it’d cut out the option to skype. Obviously, that wasn’t any good.

However, after spending some good hours researching my issues and attempting an older version of the program, I was finally able to get it to work.

Thus, I present to you the stream that proved that I could fix my issues!

Watch live video from seferia on TwitchTV

I may or may not do more streams with Colonial Marines. It can be a fun game, though it does have issues.

Feel free to tell me if the voice sync still needs work.

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