Late night streams from the weekend

Most probably missed these streams, since they started off rather late. The first one wasn’t planned at all, sort of. My participation wasn’t planned, that was for sure.

Shayla started off playing Operation Raccoon City with her friends from Unity while I was playing Freedom Unite with Deva. For the record, Deva still has a long way to go. Deva is not quite Fatalis-ready, nor elder dragon ready, nor upper G-Rank ready. Deva needs work. However, that’s not with this blog is about. So, we shall forget that detail.

Anyway, I heard that Shayla was being killed a lot. So, after finishing with Freedom Unite, I decided to join in on the multiplayer fun. It was quite interesting. I was amazed that I did as well as I did. I hadn’t played the game for months. So, I had barely remembered anything.

Watch live video from shadowkitty777 on TwitchTV

Then, that following Sunday. Shayla and Seferia continued the adventure of doom through Dead Space 3. There were deaths. Many, many deaths. In the beginning, there were deaths galore because we started at a very bad spot to start in after not playing for a week. In the middle, we died a lot, because fire didn’t like us. In the end, we died a lot because cold is bad. I think that we may have died a lot.

I also broke the game.

Enjoy watching that broadcast as well.

Watch live video from seferia on TwitchTV

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