A night full of mic errors

Last night, I once again presented my weekly broadcast of Freedom Fridays, featuring Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. Unfortunately, there were a number of errors that were mostly out of my hands.

It started with an error that was in my hand, I had my mic boom positioned above my head. That was silly of me. However, that was only about ten or so minutes of the stream, and it was an easy fix of going “duh, Seferia, it’s up there!!” However, unfortunately, that was followed by other mic errors for the evening. Redstache unfortunately had a static that evening. I had mentioned it to him a few times, but I decided to go with it and just leave it be. So, I had a few problems understanding what he was saying. THen, later on, Shayla’s mic did a bit of echoing, that made things a bit strange. There was also the new guy, Scott_Popular, who I didn’t have on skype, only the PSN’s mic channel. So, sorry that I didn’t get you on skype, but next time around, perhaps?

Overall, though, the stream was fun. We had Canti show up for some hunts, and we actually got to teach Shayla some fun tips.

Feel free to enjoy the show.

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