Missed last night’s stream?

Well, Seferia is here to give the basic review and put up the video just to give you that chance to watch and comment on the stream.

First and foremost, I must appologize for the first bit of the stream. I made a silly mistake and did not properly adjust the volume. Also, the headset that I’ve been using for the last two days is a cheap Plantonics headset. This one is only being used while my good one is sent off for warranty repairs or replacement. My normal headset, a Sennheiser, had been creating static, wo I felt that it was best to send it in for warranty reparis.

Anyway, aside from that, I feel that the stream was an overall success. We had an active chat and happily conversed with the guests and chat participants. Though, I once again say my laptop was possessed when it banned Viride on it’s own. I swear, I was sitting there playing the game, there was no kitty near my laptop, and I don’t recall bumping it.. It was possessed!

The members of the Teamwork podcast hunted with Malek and I for four hours. We did various silly challenges and things like that. I used my Cat’s Paw for maximum damage. Yes, things worked out. Once they left, Malek and I continued to hunt. During that time, we had quite a few interesting hunts. Malek’s death by Jaggi was epic. Then, near the end, Greg Moore from Capcom once again joined my stream.

As I said, it was a success for the most part.

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