Campaign statement has been made

For a while, I’ve been saying that Godzilla music deserves to go with Monster Hunter. I’ve also been saying that if Capcom really wanted a star-power cross-over, they’d contact Toho and get a Godzilla crossover. I’ll continue to say that.

Now, the likelihood of my statements ever seeing the light a day are close to nil. Still, I shall continue to dream and have fun with the idea in my head.

For now, though, I can be a girl with the ability to stream. I can be a girl with a large Godzilla music collection. And I can be a girl who can play this music while streaming Monster Hunter.

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Yep, I can do that.

Also, clearly, I need to find a better balance between my sounds. I’ll teak it a bit more next stream. I had tried to compensate for the fact that my mic overpowers others in prior streams. However, it seems that I went too far.

Another note: Wow, I’ve never tagged Godzilla on my blog before. That’s kinda amazing given how much of a fan of the series I am.

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