When a bad fic can be spotted by just the title

Seriously, do people even think sometimes? Any effort?

Master Chief vs Chris Redfield vs Darth Vader vs Harry Potter by christopher1235
Who would win in a battle.

Yea, I’m not even clicking this one.

Words: 299

Really am not clicking on this story. I don’t even need to look at it more than that…. Well, it could be worse. I mean seriously:

A Coming Out Story by Yooney
Cloud and his girlfriend Tifa move to Midgar, city of the gays. After being introduced to the homosexual lifestyle, Cloud becomes curious and fascinated. All it takes is a man with beautiful long silver hair and a hidden motive to remind him of a long forgotten past and turn his life—along with his sexual orientation—completely upside-down. Yaoi/Seke Cloud/Shota/Cheating

It could be much worse.

Disclaimer: click on these stories at your own risk. I did not read them at all. I only saw the summaries.

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