PSN maintance cannot contain this dark lady

Seferia is back with yet another Freedom Fridays stream.  This week, Seferia did not have an illness trying to drag her off to the realms of sleep, so she was more than capable of following through with her gameplan of streaming.  Unfortunately, there was one little hitch to the plan.  That hitch was rather annoying in some ways, for it prevented her from finding partners in joining in her hunts.  That little hitch was a prolonged maintance on the PSN servers that made it hard for everyone who was not Seferia to log on.  The servers must have known that Seferia would not have accepted “no” for an answer.

Anyway, I am going to put up the recording after the break.  So, feel free to click on the more button and check them out.

Watch live video from seferia on TwitchTV

The first hour of the stream was rather slow, for it was just Seferia alone. In general, not even Seferia can recommend watching her solo monsters. She is by no means anything special. She does better in groups than alone. However, she does get the job done. So, enjoy the first segment.

After an hour of streaming, Seferia received an invitation from her family to go out and enjoy dinner. So, she wasn’t about to turn that down. Thus, there was a few hour gap in the stream. As far as Seferia can tell, no one really minded.

That brings us to segment number two:

Watch live video from seferia on TwitchTV

This was a bit more successful part of the stream, for Seferia was joined once again by O. Greg/Evil Disco. Thus, the monotony of watching a silly woman solo monsters was ended.

Thanks to all who watched and chatted. It was a blast. Seferia does plan on streaming again next week.

Also, Seferia might stream Torchlight II in the next few days.

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