When will they learn?

First and foremost, Seferia found something strange in the last few days of browsing stories in the Buffy: The Vampire Slayer section.  At least for now, she isn’t coming across any extremely horrible stories.  In fact, she’s come across a lot of promising ones that she might dig into more later.  Of course, there were probably ones that are easy shots at having something beyond headache-inducing; however, Seferia did not feel like venturing into the twisted scene of Spike/Xander stories.

So, instead, Seferia decided to wander around and check out other usual haunts of hers.  Guess what?  Devil May Cry is still full of a bunch of fools that write stuff that shouldn’t exist.  Seriously, people should have learned by now that the “pulled into the game” stories do not work and are a sure recipe for failure.  At least, one would think that somewhere along the line, someone would tell a new author not to use that plot device, right?

I guess not.

Amazingly, from what little I could stomach of the story, the author has enough grasp onto what they are doing in order to maintain proper grammar and sentence structure.  So, I cannot use the excuse that they have a malfunctioning brain when it comes to thinking for a reason as to why they would use this plot.  Nope, the largest grammatical quirk that I can find is an apparent love for caps lock, since I suppose that people enjoy screaming above what a simple exclamation mark can indicate.

Also, I must wonder why these authors always find names like “Akina” when coming up with their original characters.  It seems to me that the author is trying to come up with an average teenager on most cases.  Yet, they have a strong tendency to have names that just scream that they are a anime fanatic.  I can’t think that Akina nor Tera are very common names at all.

Well, this story is mostly just a “meh” to me.  It garners no rage, for it’s just standard fare.  I come across these sort of tales all the time.  I just wish that someone would smack sense into authors before they write these.

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