A warm welcome to my new additions!

Many who know me know one major thing about the Seferia. She loves plusehs. On top of that, she most certainly loves her Monster Hunter plushes. So, when I came home today and found that the package that I’ve been waiting for about five weeks for came in, I was more than happy. What was in the package, you more than likely don’t ask? Well, I’m going to show you anyway!

My Gold and Silver Rath pair are home!

As you can see, they are brand new Monster Hunter plushes to add into my collection.  I’ve been sniping up those little cute ones for quite some time, ever sense I got into the series.  Aside from a single one of them, I have not disappointed with any of the plushes that have been released.  Unfortunately, I cannot say that I have any interst in tracking down the plush for Brachydios.  That one’s design was just strange, to say the least.

Anyway, if anyone did happen to want to see my full collectino, I also snapped some pictures of the entire deal.  So, feel free to check them out:


IMG_0159 IMG_0160


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