I can’t believe it!

Remember how Seferia ranted about a story utilizing the second person perspective yesterday? Remember how she also mentioned that she somewhat dislikes having people write in the first person perspective?

It can’t be hard to remember those things, they’re only two posts down.

Well, Seferia has just stumbled upon a story that must be designed specfically to make her want to kill something. Yes, that has to be the only explanation for this story. It is designed just to drive her into a murderous rage!

In fact, she is in a murderous rage right now. How could she have possibly found a story that uses both first and second person? How does that even exist?

Seferia is so angry at this story that she doesn’t really want to give a properly long rant for it. She is just going to put up this rant and let it be. Yes, that is what she is going to do.

That’s it, I’m going to Torchlight II to blow up stuff!

2 thoughts on “I can’t believe it!”

  1. Bahahaha! That is such a terrible way to write something! And 56 reviews?! 88 follows?! I could see why, I mean the opening was okay then they said “That’s when YOU come along.” Throw some ‘me’ and ‘I’ in there and I stopped reading…I love your bad fanfic finding skills

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