How to ensure that Seferia doesn’t read your fic

Write the silly thing in second person. Yes, that will most definitely ensure that I’ll be in a rage and not get too far into the story.

Now, a while ago, I had said that I’d bring up a story from the DMC area since that is abundant in horrible stories. Well, I delayed because the pile was so pungent that I didn’t want to really dig into it much to find one.

Well, today I return with this one, which I had known about at the time that I had spoken of Devil May Cry fanfics. I knew full well that it was a story with possible tolerable writing if not for the fact that the person decided in a moment of great lack of brilliance to write in second person. Quickly scanning through the story proves that this person has a firm grasp on grammar. So, they have that as a plus.

Still, what exactly goes through someone’s head to make them decide “I will write this story in second person”? Seriously, I don’t know how that thought process even started. I can get the huge piles of first person stories that I’ve found post-Twilight. The fact that they appeared post-twilight and tend to have a certain… well, yea, it points to Twilight having been a contributing factor in inspiration there. Even then, there are successful first person stories. So, I do occasionally forgive the uneasy feeling of reading someone’s diary when I read that sort of story. No matter about the legitimacy of writing in first person, how does someone come to think of second person?

Second person is usually stated to be utilized for persuasive speeches. It’s something a person utilizes to get a person across to the “you” which is being referenced. That “you” is usually not just this random person who clicks on a story and decides to read it. That random person is unlikely to be pulled into the story because “you”. More likely, they’ll be turned away as I am because they aren’t making decisions and don’t want to be part of that story.

The only published fictional works that I know of that ever were written in the second person perspective were “make your own adventure” stories. I did read those when I was younger, but they had a very important part to them. That part was rather simple, the reader made decisions by flipping to pages. Thus, the story did indeed interact with the reader.

This one, on the other hand, does not.

Not to mention, I’m more than certain that the author made the “you” character a Mary Sue. That really doesn’t help their story at all.

Sad final statement: there’s worse fics out there in DMC. I may go back to digging to bring another one to light on another date.

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  1. Hahahaha, I read it and was just totally and utterly wanting to break my laptop. I hate when people do that, totally ruins the story (when not doing a “you choose the path” kinda thing).

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