The rebooted Freedom Fridays stream is strong

Especially given that some people received what they called “joygasms” from a surprise visit from an old hunter that had vanished for some time.  However, I shall get to that later.

First, many will have noticed by now that I’ve been streaming P3rd nearly every Friday.  Previously, this stream was every-other week.  However, I have felt that a bit more regularity was in need for that specific one.  The change is in part because I have stepped away from the structured small Unity hunt and simply made it a stream.  Given that I have no reasonable ways to stream Freedom Unite, I feel that the stream is best kept to only Portable 3rd.  So, thus, we have the reboot of Freedom Fridays.

Now of course, there will be times in which I’ll want to be with my family or do something else on a Friday.  So, there’s always the chance that I won’t be able to stream one week.  However, I’ll do my best to keep this to a minimum.

Anyway, onto the posting of the video, no?

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At the start, the stream was a bit slow. Only Malek and I showed up, though we had a third planned. That third was Shevaman/Shayla, who’s voice was present during the start of the stream. Unfortunately, our attempts to get her access to the game hit a few snags. So, we’ll have to wait until she can join us on that front.

Now, to explain the “joygasm”. You see, earlier that day, the members of the WOM noticed something strange occurring in our chat. People that hardly ever appear were talking. We had Massahiros and Shaylas show up. These two hardly ever show, but they do show at times. So, I had only proclaimed them rare ones. Malek and I had both agreed that the crown jewel would be a member that had apparently disappeared off the face of the earth, Mawrz. We had theorized that he had returned to his home planet… Ok, maybe I’m lying there. However, we had not seen him for many, many moons.

Well, as you can see if you watch the recording, there is a point in which we had an unexpected entrance into our room. I had no warnings for I don’t have notifications turned in the interest of keeping things as clean as possible for my streams. Also, Malek had not been paying attention. So, we were both stunned when we found that new addition was the aforementioned Mawrz.

We are both glad to see Mawrz back around and hope to see more of him.

Oh, I suppose since the stream is only Portable 3rd now, the name “Freedom Fridays” is a bit iffy. However, I think I’ll keep it for now.

Thus ends Seferia’s ramblings.

4 thoughts on “The rebooted Freedom Fridays stream is strong”

  1. MAWRZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!! Seriously, Mawrz made my weekend, and that stream was very fun. I enjoyed showing off my new favorite weapon, the Bow.

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      1. I might nit be on, but I’ll try. Still, I will be on twitch some time tonight so even if I don’t get to hunt, I’ll be there in spirit

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