Continuations of crazy thoughts

Well, I suppose the title isn’t all that good. Meh, I’m always having crazy thoughts. So, every time I think something, it is a continuation of a crazy thought. No matter. Onto the discussion point.

Yesterday, I went “whee!” and all that good stuff over having my Audrey II fix with the Director’s Cut for Little Shop of Horrors. Well, today, I’m going to discuss the crazy thoughts that my minor fandom of a singing world-conquering plant spawned. These thouhts are just crazy, but I care not.

What are these thoughts? Well, very simple thoughts. Why are there no plant-type monsters in Monster Hunter?

Now, I’m certain that some people are thinking many ideas that probably go along the lines of “that’s stupid!” Well, hear me out.

First of all, just because a creature is plant-based doesn’t mean that it isn’t mobile. I can bring up several examples of mobile plant monsters throughout several series. Plants have not always been fixed to one spot.

Starting with the most obvious, for she spawned the thoughts, Audrey II:

Audrey II was fully capable, once full grown, of walking on its own and chasing down its prey. She was not stuck to a pot. Thus, it would have been fully possible for this plant to chase down or escape from another that is hunting it.

Another example of a formidable mobile plant is Biollante from the Godzilla film series:

This one, like Audrey, was fully capable of using her roots in her second form to move and charge toward her enemy.  She even sprayed acid as a form of weapon.  Thus, she was a very capable fighter in her own rights.

Sure, those that know of this creature can point out that her first form would be a bad example of a monster that could do anything.  For, it was just a huge rose that stood there and used vines to protect itself.  Overall, that form wasn’t impressive.  However, that doesn’t invalidate the fact that her second form would have made her a worthy inspiration for a monster to hunt.

As I pondered over this, I also came up with two more examples of mobile plants that posed problems to others.

Malboro, a creature that has appeared many times in the Final Fantasy series.  This guy is very similar to Audrey II in basic design, and can attack with poison.

Also, Plant 43 from the Resident Evil series.  He’s actually the second mutant plant from the series.  However, I chose to feature him instead of Plant 42 because he could actually move around.  Remember, I was aiming to show examples of plants that can be hunted or can hunt down a hunter.

Yep, both of these guys were fully mobile as well.  So, there are more than enough examples of plants that can cause problems for pesky little humans out there in the world.  Furthermore, Capcom made one of them.  Thus, Capcom has not ruled out the possibility of plants being a valid danger to humans.

Now, I’m certain many are reading this and thinking “Seferia, you’re forgetting there’s already a plant-monster in Monster Hunter”.  Well, I’ve clearly considered him too, since I’m mentioning this, no?

Well, sadly, I believe that this guy isn’t much of a “plant monster.  He’s more of a moss-covered monster.  I don’t think that’s the same thing.  Thus, I firmly believe that he shouldn’t count.  Nearly nothing about him made me really think of a plant that wanted to eat.  Instead, he felt more like an amoeba that happened to have moss on his hide.

In fact, the descriptions only state that his hide is covered by moss.  Thus, I would have to say he is not made of moss himself.

So, I shall once again sound out the cry for a plant-based monster for me to dice my dual-swords into.  It would be fun.

Oh, if anyone can think of more examples of dangerous plants, feel free to share them.

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      1. I believe both of those follow the Yama line of thinking. They are things covered by plants and not plants in of themselves.

        I think… I don’t really know much about Swamp thing, but I always thought he was just coated in plants.

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