The many yays of gifts

Wish lists are such great things. They manage to get me things that I actually want. Unlike things like a new pair of jeans that I once got as a child… In fact, I made a rule starting around my 14th birthday that if any attempted to get me clothing as a gift, they’d receive the glare of death along with more than sufficient scorn for a full year. They got the message quite quickly.

Anyway, this year, I was more than happy to receive Little Shop of Horror’s Director’s Cut Blu-ray. I have a slight love for that movie. Audrey II is more than a memorable little evil plant full of great amounts of devouring hunger. I mean, this song alone was one of the reasons that I had always had a soft spot for the movie.

Few villains who sing that I know of have songs that rank along with that one. This one is just so irreverent and clear on the point that “Twoey” is not messing around.

I wish I could find a good copy of the version where she eats Seymour. However, it appeared that was of short supply on YouTube. So, I made due with a really good quality from the original ending.

Anyway, I absolutely adore the original ending. It has a great amount of humor along with karma to it. The sad thing was that I was not aware that there was two different endings until recently, when David Willis had tweeted about the Blu-ray. However, now that I know of it, I am very pleased.

I also got the Ratchet and Clank HD collection and a Hex 3 Jaja stylus.

I had previously blogged about the stylus several months back when I had discovered Lar’s tweet on it. At the time, it excited me to have the chance to turn my iPad into a lesser Cintique. Well, now that I have it, I’m not disappointed. It does look like it will do exactly what I had thought it will. It’ll take some time for me to get used to it though. So, we shall see if I can start bashing out sketches.

Hopefully I won’t be too lazy on that front.

Oh, I also got some silly fantasy artist’s bible thing. It has some interesting reference things. However, most of it is rather basic. It’s not bad.

With that said… I want to listen to Mean Green Mother from Outer Space again!!

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