The Monster Hunter Report

Seferia has been a naughty girl, enjoying lazy days of having holidays and days off and things like that. Yes, Seferia should have blogged on her Friday livestream earlier. However, Seferia was feeling very, very lazy. Well, today, Seferia shall make that up by blogging about two Monster Hunter Livestreams. Yep, yep, yep.

First, this past Friday, I had resumed my old Freedom Fridays stream for P3rd. I had a relatively decent turn-up. We would have had a full room of four if it had not been for the minor issue of having two of our members having connections that simply did not love each other.

Unfortunately, this lack of love resulted in a bit of down-time for our active hunting. For this, I apologize. It was a hiccup that was out of my hands. I could not make AdHoc Party love Canti and Hoss both at the same time. Thank you all for putting up with that down time. I really wish that we had not had to deal with such, but sometimes one has to make due.

Enjoy watching the stream here:

Watch live video from seferia on TwitchTV

Next, Seferia, Meez, Ghost, and Shevaman got together to create a Christmas Eve stream this past Monday. We had many moments, and some of great shame. There may have been a Jho that shall not be spoken of ever again that did horrible horrible things that did not happen. Yes… There may be that.

I did indeed have Christmas music in the background. I kept it at around 40 percent volume. So, in most cases, it’ll just be softly there and not overwhelming. I hope that this stream was enjoyable in some ways. Maybe? I dunno.

Watch live video from seferia on TwitchTV

Now, I am going to try to organize yet another Portable 3rd stream on Friday. I am trying to switch that up and make it weekly instead of bi-weekly. We’ll see how it goes.

Anyway, enjoy the streams if you missed them. If you didn’t, feel free to comment on the failure.

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