When great plans go wrong

We still manage to laugh it up and blame the universe.

Last night, the WOM got together yet again on Tri in order to create something that was that thing over there. That thing over there wasn’t pretty, but it was a thing. It was so much of a thing that it wasn’t even potato. Nope, it was just a thing of a thing that is a whatzit. Mmmm-hmm…

We had DCs, guys who don’t believe in capturing, and monsters setting up the deaths.

Enjoy the views of the various failures as we went about trying to not play the game correctly from Seferia’s POV.

Watch live video from seferia on TwitchTV

Then, feel free to watch this one at the same time and on mute, for the audio will be the same. Meez and I once again simul-streamed.

Watch live video from MeezLikesGames on TwitchTV

He had issues, Seferia didn’t.

Watch live video from MeezLikesGames on TwitchTV

So many issues, this reminds Seferia of a time long ago when Seferia had issues galore like this.

Watch live video from MeezLikesGames on TwitchTV

And Malek, a livestream is not a podcast!!

2 thoughts on “When great plans go wrong”

  1. Livecast? We can all agree on Livecast? No? Well ok… This was the worst night of hunting in a long time. I don’t remember ever playing so badly, plus I cursed a lot more than usual. None the less, it was good times hunting with the WOM. Maybe next time we’ll be focused, but I doubt it.

    1. Yes, Malek wasn’t being very Unity-safe last night! So many F-bombs. What a naughty naughty boy.

      I still say we should plot to do a massive recording session in which we do “Clue: WOM edition”.

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