Ok, I may have lied earier

Well, somewhat. I’m still not putting up the entire recordings up on my blog. However, I recalled a fun part in our streams. So, I felt that it deserved a nice bit of highlighting.

Torchlight II has really been a delightful breath of fresh air. It has a simple charm that only has one element that bothers both Meez and I. We both dislike that we have to use our mouse to move around. In our conversations, we both agreed that we preferred wasd for movement. However, it’s a minor factor for me.

Also, that element has nothing to do with the video that I’m about to put up.

Anyway, Meez and Ryen were wandering about as we were preparing to fight a boss. So, Seferia got bored. In the process of getting bored, Seferia decided to entertain herself by typing “/dance” just to see if something would happen.

You see, back in her WOW days, Seferia used to /dance all the time for no good reason. /Dance is a way of life for Seferia. Hence, she wanted to /dance, thus she was delighted to find that she could.

/Dance for the win!

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