When a stash is too large

One tends to forget the little tidbits and trinkets that are hidden away in that stash.

I have been gathering and building a huge music collection over the years.  I don’t tend to get rid of the music that I’ve gathered, I just add more and more onto that stash.  So, I have a large chance of encountering songs while my devices are playing on random and going “what is that?”

Having raided OCremix back in the day doesn’t help with that.  Not in the least bit.

This was one that I did exactly that to this morning.  It caught my attention because it is rather fun and entertaining.  So, I feel like putting it up and sharing it.  Enjoy.

In other news, I’ve been streaming quite frequently from my various computer games, but I don’t feel like putting up the recordings in a post. Still, the streams keep on coming.

I may or may not stream more Saints Row: The Third tonight.

2 thoughts on “When a stash is too large”

  1. This is seriously one of my favorite songs to come out of a video game. I used to watch the intro video to MGS2 all the time just to hear some of it. This is a really good remix, nice find in that million song collection, lol

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