Ready for that promised rage?

Well, it’s almost here.  Sadly, this piece of junk that I just came by isn’t quite worthy of rage.   No, not rage at all.  Only the pathetically perturbed feeling of knowing that I found a winner of bad-fanfiction terms by only reading a single word.

Seriously, I didn’t need to read more than a single word in order to know that I had stumbled upon a disaster.  That single word was “i”.  Seriously, this person didn’t have a spell check or was too lazy to actually capitalize that word?  How…  I don’t even want to know what has to exist in order to produce a person that would “publish” a piece in such a deplorable state.

Just no.  Absolutely no.  I don’t even care if this story may have wound up funny if it had good grammar or spelling.

On further thought, how do stories this bad wind up with a lot of reviews?  “Reviews: 1,163″…  Seriously, does this story deserve that much attention?  Sometimes, I feel completely scared for the future of humanity.

I’m even more scared when I stop to consider that despite the fact that I was able to proclaim this story trash within seconds, this is not the worst that I’ve seen.  By far,. it’s not the worst that I’ve seen.

4 thoughts on “Ready for that promised rage?”

  1. I was seriously going to defend this piece, because at a quick glance… Nothing has caps. So I figured their shift /caps lock keys were damaged to by some unknown disaster. Sadly, upon closer inspection there are a few times where words become all caps. I can’t even defend this rubbish, lol

    1. Even if their shift or caps lock were broken, that’s no excuse for putting up a story in that state. There are things called fanfiction circles, you can send a story to a friend/beta to fix up the errors like that.

  2. Hhaha! That was hilariously bad. Did they mean for it to be that way? If they did I feel bad, and I agree with you on the 1,000 reviews I was like “Wat?”

    Sef, you should post some of your stories.

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