The WOM delivers

Give the members of the WOM a challenge that is absolutely absurd and should have no purpose being accepted?  No problem!  We’ll take it on and we’ll laugh in the face of impending doom!

Last night, the WOM got together on Tri and conducted a semi-planned stream of battling streams.  Meez and Seferia both streamed the events of that night.  Meez had music, Seferia had game sounds.  Seferia fought with TME and Xsplit.  Meez was Meez.  Overall, we all had fun.

Feel free to watch the recording of the two streams down below.

Seferia flavor streams:

Watch live video from seferia on TwitchTV

Meez flavor stream:

Watch live video from MeezLikesGames on TwitchTV

Now, during the course of the evening, the WOM decided to do one special challenge. At first, it was a simple idea of “we’ll just all grab SnS and battle something”.  Then it evolved to “let’s do this for Zeke!”  Finally, it developed as we agreed to let the members of the chat issue further details to our challenge. Thus, we ran off after Alatreon with poison SnSes in hand. Bets were made, and here are the results.

Thanks Malek, Meez, Russia, and Judgemagester for all joining in the hunts. Also, thanks to Moke/Shyguy and Ryen for commenting in the background.

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