Proof of the demented state of the populus

Everyone, know first and foremost that Malek is to blame for this post.  I would have rather saved this material for another day.  However, he is insisting that I use one of the various trinkets that I had encountered through  my years of going through fanfiction.

Well, now that you know who to blame, let us start with the how this story was even located.  For, this is not the type that I would have searched out on a normal day.  First of all, this story isn’t even a thousand words long.  Hrmph, if I tired, I could probably make this very entry longer than the story.  No, I do not generally read such short stories.  So, it normally would not have come up in my searches.

In fact, this story was located on purpose.  My friend, Kat_Aclysm, and I had once had a conversation on how people are strange putting characters together that should have no right or purpose being together.  During this discussion, we theorized the various sorts of wrongs that one could possibly come up with.  In general, while we knew that there was a high chance that there would be someone who would put the various characters that we were discussing together, we had hoped that we wouldn’t find the situation to be real.

Well, out of sheer desire to humor myself for a few moments back then, I looked up this story.  Actually, I just put in Cait Sith and Sephiroth in the character filters and spun the wheel.  I fully expected to find absolutely no hits.  Who would even think of such a pairing other than a laugh for a post or something like that?  Well, someone did and someone actually wrote a story on it.

So, Malek, are you happy?  Here is that story.  A villain as villain as can be and a stuffed toy as side-kick foolish as can be.  They by no means should have a fic where they do things together in the least.

2 thoughts on “Proof of the demented state of the populus”

  1. Hey… Don’t blame me, blame… Fan Fiction writers? That was a pretty strange read to say the least… Did love the compensation line… And the fact Sephiroth likes to be called Sir in bed. LOL

    1. You did ask me to share the story with you. So, you are very much to blame for my entry.

      Also, I don’t think I even bothered finishing the story when I found it. I just died laughing at the absurdity.

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