Why do I always find these ones?

In my quest for hidden gems amongst the grime, I regularly come across stories that are ancient, good, and have no hopes of ever being updated again.  They have a charm to them that pulls me in.  However, the fact that they were last updated over four years ago always is there, tormenting me.

This story is one of them.  I took a chance on it when I bumped into it, figuring that it would be horrendously full of banal one-shot moments that would lead no where.  However, it did keep my attention enough for me to devour it.  Unfortunately, the sad truth is that it has no hopes of ever being revived.

I know the way the game is played.  No fanfic writer returns to a story after years of decay.  This story was last updated on 06-15-07, so yea, not a chance that it’ll ever be returned to.

However, if you happen to be at least vaguely interested in InuYasha and want a few good laughs, I do recommend it.  The author did manage to capture an entertainment that did not depend on awfully out of character moments or banal senses of “this must be cute”.  Overall, I found it rather fun for what it was.

Now, I’m certain those that know me are going “where’s the Seferia raging at bad fanfiction?”  It’ll come.  I just haven’t found something that is actually worthy of rage yet.  However, it will come.  Bad fanfiction is a part of life for a fangirl.  Fanfic writers never fail me on this matter!

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