I hate dilemmas

Well, I have finally fully set up my new Super-Slim PS3. It is currently happily sitting on its pedestal as I play Resident Evil 6 with Russia. It took a good full day to fully download all the stuff that had been on my prior PS3, for I don’t have an external drive that would permit me to do a proper back-up. However, it is happily running and taking the place of my 60 GB PS3.

How I hate this. I am now at the point where I must decide what to do with my old system. I could keep it around in its box for, well, no good reason. It works, but I fear getting a disk stuck in it again when it crashses yet again. So, I do not think I’ll ever use it again. However, I’m attatched and the hope that it may continue to live does remain in me. I just don’t want to sell it quite yet. I would hate to depart with it. Still, at the moment, it is a paerweight. It will never perform the task in which it was meant to.

I guess I’ll just procrastinate on my decision, for I am good at doing things like that. Still, this is a tough decision. I know that some would believe that I’m being silly by having such a feeling of sentimentality over a busted system. However, it is what it is. I accept it, and care little for what others may think on the matter.

Oh wells, I probably will attempt to do a P3rd stream by the end of the week. I had been avoiding it in part because of all the nonsense with the YLODs I’ve been suffering through. I also need to bug Malek and Ghost over our BL2 streams. Hrmph.

2 thoughts on “I hate dilemmas”

    1. Eeep, sorry, I had seen the e-mail stating that you had commented, but didn’t realize that this was the special “approve” comment.

      Anyway, for now… yea, I’m keeping it. Though it will need to go into its box or something so it can be stored.

      You also missed that stream. You were streaming ZombieU that night.

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