It starts, Seferia shall blog about fanfics

Most who associate with me know one very important thing about this Seferia: She is a huge addict to fanfiction. She spends a lot of her free time digging through the piles of amateur fiction found on in order to find the gems that actually catch her attention and draw her in. On her way, she has a large tendency to find many stories that are, to put it mildly, not up to par. However, today Seferia will not be focusing on one of those.

However, do be warned, there will come a day in which Seferia will once again find a fic that will make her rant. It will not be pretty.

No, Seferia will not be doing that today. Instead, she will be handing out a stamp of approval. For this fanfic is one of the ones that she actually enjoys following. As such, she feels like sharing it. She also feels like stopping with the third person to give her actual review.

Meet Final Fantasy VII: Another Side By: Mystwalker. I cannot say that the idea behind this fanfic is overly original or anything, it is indeed simply an alternative universe fic where Sephiroth does not go evil. However, the lack of novelty doesn’t bother me. This story is well written and has had several clever elements to it that keep my attention. I also have found no forced relationships as of yet, which please me quite a bit.

About the only thing that I find to be disappointing is that the story line does seem to follow the game’s story a bit too much. However, the author has tweaked and twisted this enough that it feels like their own take and not a retelling of the game. So, I have no problems about forgiving them for presenting the game anew.

This story is still in progress, so their is a high chance that like many fics that I like, it will never be finished. However, I do hope that this author does indeed follow through.

Anyway, I’m done abusing my blog to share a story that I like. Beware though, as I said, Seferia does tend to find more bad fanfiction that good fanfiction. So, the next time this category comes up, it may be a dozy.

6 thoughts on “It starts, Seferia shall blog about fanfics”

    1. Heh, I suppose maybe on another day I’ll feature that one in my blog.

      It’s actually scary, I haven’t encountered any rage-worthy bad ones yet. Just groan-worthy. Groan-worthy isn’t fun.

  1. Lol, Sef. Yeah there are a lot of bad ones, but the occasional get me reading for hours on end. My Little Pony? Please, do tell

    1. Well, depending on your likes, I will probably help save you same digging by highlighting some of my favs as I continue on this little adventure of mine. And… I suppose tomorrow I may possibly make a blog about My Little Wesker.

  2. So, at the risk of potentially sounding creepy…Hi! Thanks for the recommendation. I’m really glad you like it, and I know what you mean about the story following the game too much. Hopefully I’ll be able to nudge it off of that track now that they’re out of Midgar.

    1. Wow… didn’t expect any author to find my random “amuse myself” blog posts.

      Well, you’re no more creepy than my blogging about your fic. So, it’s all good there! And I shall continue to read your fic, for it’s one of the few that I actually enjoy.

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