Well, this basically encompasses most of my own thoughts

Well, Gametrailers has finally come out with the review of the recent Pokémon game.  I can’t say that I disagree with their sentiments at all.

While this series is rather solid and effective at performing the tasks that it sets out to accomplish, the games are fundamentally hurt by the repetitive tasks.  This series has never required much thought, you might as well turn off your mind while playing the game.  There is no real challenge unless you are going against another live player.  This has been true since the first game that came out.  The games also need to branch out in more ways than just adding new moves and creatures to collect, seriously.

If GameFreaks can follow through and actually innovate in this series with the next installment, I’ll be floored.  For now, I shall continue to tell everyone these two facts: you can survive the game by hitting a total of five buttons (up, down, left, right, a); and that if you’ve played one pokémon game, you’ve played them all.

Despite my harsh words, these games are not horrid.  They just need to reinvent themselves.  I also have not explored all the side-games that are related to this series.  However, I cannot honestly considered the spin-offs to be innovation for the actual series.

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