The end of an era

Well, many that are close to me are fully aware that I’ve been struggling with an issue these past two months.  I’ve fought hard and strong to hold on hope and try to turn it around.  However, I have come to the conclusions that the inevitable is here.  My poor 60 GB model PS3 must be replaced.

It all started around the early parts of October.  I was playing Borderlands 2 with Malek, and suddenly my system shut off and the power button started blinking.  Though, I suppose it may have started the night before when my Borderlands 2 was crashing nearly constantly while trying to play with Zeke.  However, the problem still existed, my PS3 had YLOD.

Now, I had previously sent my system into Sony and had them repair my system, way back in 2008 or something like that.  I probably should have done that this time as well.  However, I had been concerned that a white bar code that came with my refurbished system back when they originally repaired my system had fallen off.  So, I was uncertain as to whether or not they would have repaired the system.  Even now, I don’t see a reply from Sony on my inquiry concerning the matter.  No matter, I should have gone that route.  Maybe then I’d still have a 60 GB model PS3 in healthy condition.

Instead, I decided to take a chance on a local repair shop.  I by no means have any ill will toward them.  They did a great job and have taken great care of me during this time.  However, their repairs have been temporary, that much has been proven obvious.  For, it seems that my system YLODs every two weeks now.  I just received my PS3 back from repairs for the third time last night, and even they suggested that the motherboard may be too damaged for the PS3 to live.  It seems that receiving a refurbished PS3 would have been a better choice than the repairs that they did.

Unfortunately, this repair shop did something more than repair my system.  I’m not certain how they did it, but they put in a modification to the fans to make them run at 100% at all times.  Therefore, while I’ve read that it may be possible to try to send my system into Sony for repairs/trade in for a refurbished model despite it having been opened up, I’m afraid that they would refuse to service me due to that modification.  I’m certain they didn’t add any parts that shouldn’t be in the system.  However, Sony is most likely not an option.

So, that returns me to my opening statements.  My era of having, in my opinion, the best model of PS3 has come to an end.  I made an error in judgement and lost the gamble.  So, last night, I ordered the Assassin’s Creed III 500 GB PS3 model.  It’s a hard blow to my finances and my ego.

At least I still have a PS2 for my PS2/1 games.

Now, if anyone happens to want to know what it looks like when a PS3 YLOD in mid-stream…

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