Congratulations, Australia

For the last decade or so, I have been close friends with an Australian resident, Kat_Aclysm.  So, while I have not personally experienced the degree in which games are censored and scorned down there, I have heard quite a bit.  I’ve also had my share of anxiety since I have often sent down material to her that was more or less labeled as “contraband” down there due to their rating system.

However, it looks like those days are soon coming to an end.  News is surfacing that the new Attorney General, John Rau, who is replacing a raving lunatic known as Atkinson has a bit of common sense in his brain.  He actually has publicly stated that he supports the implementation of mature, or MA 18+, rated games.

So, on behalf of adults all around this globe, I do applaud you sir.  Now, if only Germany, the Middle East, and China would…  nah.

Source: John Rau open to R18+ rating, says campaigner |

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