My thoughts on Nintendo’s upcoming system

Well, in case anyone has not kept up with the news: last night, Nintendo made a brief announcement about a new system, the 3DS.  Now, from what I’ve read so far, this announcement was more of a small statement, so there are not many details.  However, the details that are available are quite tantilizing.

First, this is not a re-iteration of the Nintendo DS.  This will be a new line and new hardware.  So, I am hoping to see many improvements based on this information.  I have been really irritated that the DS doesn’t support the most up-to-date (even at the time of the release) wireless security protocol, WPA and WPA2.  So, Nintendo, please fix this.

Now, for the main thing of interest: 3D gaming without the use of special glasses.  I am quite intrigued, to say the least.  I’ve also seen several videos so far on how this can be achieved.  Most people who have commented on this announcement find it most likely that head-tracking will be the key to this technology.  For anyone who is unfamiliar with the concept, here is a video of a rather brilliant demonstration:

If this is the type of technology that will be implemented, I am certain I’ll be pleased.

For now, the news is still rather fresh and sketchy, so there isn’t much to go on.  I also don’t know how much of the news being leaked is rumor and how much is reality.  Still, I am certain that I will be watching for any new developments on this device.

Source: What We Know (And Think We Know) About The Nintendo 3DS – Nintendo 3ds – Kotaku.

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