A test of various art programs

So, as many of you might have noticed, I’m doing that drawing thing again. Even more, I’m painting in those drawing things… well, today was uneventful, for I was up until 5 am finishing the last project. However, I did a bit of testing to see what program I want to do what in…

So, without further ado… pictures of eyes because that is what I doodle, eyes. (And people wonder why I’m so good with expressions…)


This is the app that I’m in love with at the moment. It has basically turned my tablet into a Cintique. Anyway, this image is test after test after test. Just look at the yellow eye for this bit.

Adobe Sketch:

Well… it definitely was good for water colors. The number of brushes were unimpressive. I couldn’t airbrush or much of anything. It is a thing.

Adobe Draw:

Umm… vector drawing… not really my thing. Maybe if I were going for cell art… I couldn’t get any natural blending feel from it.

Autodesk Sketchbook

This used to be my program! It still is ok, but Procreate outshines it.

Adobe Photoshop with my Intuous 4 tablet:

Of course the PC pro program is good. But I’m not painting on the screen… it is also a bit harder for me to tell what brush will do what… has a ton of options though.
The end of procession of yellow eyes. Is there a reason for,the yellow eyes in dark skin? Hmmm… maaaayyybeeee. Need to do some image searches for things soon.

UPDATE: gave Adobe Sketch a second chance-

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