This is farewell

It has been an amazing and great journey. All Your Base started on a whim, after I left another alliance for not being quite capable of matching up to my capabilities. Deeznutz and I were talking at that time and I decided that I could easily spend 15k alloy and make an alliance. Thus, All Your Base was born.

At first, it had no plans or objectives, I just wanted to be serious about war when war was around.  I gathered multiple like-minded individuals that also were serious about war, but fun to hang about. Thus, I managed to meet several awesome individuals, in some ways, stealing from the greatest silver league alliances around.

However, I have been given multiple offers from great groups that are above our level.  With my time and obligations needing to shift toward real life events, such as finalizing a degree, I felt that I should take one of the offers from a great group that I had been approaching for months.

I will continue to be there for All Your Base and give tips whenever possible. I do hope you all grow and develop even without me being there for you. You are all great players and have stood up to my abuse for quite some time.

If ever you need to stay in contact, here are the ways to seek me out:

  • Line: Seferia
  • Band : Seferia
  • This site
  • E-mail, provided when felt needed.

Best of luck all!

2 thoughts on “This is farewell”

  1. so you leave the alliance, come back and arbitrarily kick me out in the middle of a big event? I’ve been very active and contribute points to the alliance during events and wars. I joined when the HQ lvl requirement was 9 and I’ve been progressing steadily leveling up my infrastructure since then. what gives?

  2. So any updates on mergers and what not? Did suck being kicked before the event with no reason and more so to see I earned more points than 1/4 of those who were left in the group.

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