So, you want to learn how to efficiently level?

I had a few of my members ask me how I level my characters. In general, I’m actually very straight forward in my approach: I’m a grinder. I GRIND… a lot.  …Like 3483 battles won in 94 days a lot. However, that sort of approach is not for everyone. It also doesn’t help for when you get a brand new 4* or something like that and want to bring it up to speed.

So, I know a few other approaches on how to quickly get my Cons up to speed. As such, I’m about to share them with you.

The first option is the most simplistic approach there is to the entire methodology. I’m certain many of you will look at my teams and notice that some have 41s and then a strange little 30-something sitting there. Sometimes, I’ll even have something even less than 30 in one of the slots. For instance, my Swindle, Skywarp, and Rampage in my A team are all actually below the curve of the rest of the team. They were all catching up to 40 while the others were already there.

So, why do I do this? It’s actually very simple, that’s my form of power leveling. I strategically place a lower level character that I want to make part of the team in a slot so that they get carried by the rest of the team. You can see an example in the following video:

So, that’s pretty simple, right? There’s a few other elements that you can add into the formula for this approach, reduce the number of deployed troops and the XP haul gets split among fewer and fewer characters. This permits for a leveling character to get even more XP if needed.

To date, I have not paid much attention, but I am sure that max level characters still soak up XP. So, assuming that they will pass the XP to your weaker character is not a safe bet.

Continuing with this line of thought, let’s move onto the second video that is a very popular method of power leveling:

Simply put, you two-man a base with one very powerful bot and one weaker one. Only two characters are sharing the rewards, so the XP gain is stronger (depending on the zone you pick) by just sending out two characters.

Be careful when using this strategy, if your strong character isn’t as strong as you think it is, you might not be able to succeed at taking down the base. However, this is always a valid statement: with great risk comes great rewards (until you’re a no good idiot who is wasting your time and… moving on!)

Finally, there is one last choice that you can gamble with. This can be the most risky of them all, and you might want to wait until the character is a bit leveled before attempting this ploy. You also should keep a strong bot in the background, as what actually happened with the above video, to save the day if something goes wrong.

The final option is to solo the low level base with the character that you want to level. That way, only one character gets all of the XP rewards. You can see an example down blow:

Now, this is a very risky maneuver and might lead to more failures than successes depending on the type of character you want to level. I wouldn’t even want to imagine what leveling a healer with this technique would be like…. Would be an interesting video! We’ll save that as a notation for some other day.

Anyway, those are the most popular means of power leveling your troops. None of them specifically need you to coin your refreshes and whatnot, though I know that’s what some players do to power level.

My final bit of advice is to hit all double XP events as hard as you can. While I am a strong proponent of “double XP is not the reward”, it is a very strong tool that you should not ignore. Do as many battles as you can manage when those events come up. When it is an alliance event, you are helping us help you, since you’re both helping the alliance and your own troops.


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