So, you want to score on the events

Yes, I’ve already done a guide on how to do intelligent uses of teams in order to make efficient moves and gain points for the events in Transformers: Earth Wars. However, I felt that the guide lacked some minor details that would assist those who are limited on time. Since I often check and see that people are stuck at 200 or so points for long periods of time, I feel as if it is proper to address the concepts that I have mastered when I use Eshrel.

So, before we get this all started, let’s do a quick overview for those who don’t happen to be part of my alliance and have no idea who Eshrel is. Eshrel is my low level, completely f2p account that I made only a few weeks ago. It serves little purpose, but I do use it to boost our scores.

Also, so you understand exactly what Eshrel stands for and how bad the account is:

Eshrel's selection of Decepticons

Isn’t it impressive? There isn’t much to work with. There’s just one above level 20. So, what hope is there? No way that account can gain 3-4k without grinding constantly, right? Right?

Well, you would be wrong in thinking that. I have actually perfected a method to get Eshrel’s score up quickly, grind for short bursts, then step away and do other things with my main as Eshrel charges its fuel cells.

So, let’s do a quick overview over how this works.

First, as with my prior post, I utilize all three of my teams on that account to accumulate points at the highest level available for the account. Once those three runs are done, though, many interesting things happen.

So, let’s do a quick view over what my next few minutes looks like:

See how the teams go all over the place and new members keep on popping in? Well, that’s exactly what happens, I don’t stop. Instead, I do this:

Looky, someone off cooldown! Snatch!
Looky, someone off cooldown! Snatch!

So, I go through my limited troops and constantly cycle in the ones off of cool down in order to fill the spots and make teams. There are alternative ways to do this, especially available for higher end members.

One method that is used by many top tier teams is to utilize only three man teams. These teams strike out at zone 5-8 with a high level character that they know can solo the zone. They also carry along a lower character that they want to level up. This is their means of power-leveling. However, it is also their means of quickly forming teams to bypass the cooldowns and burn fuel cells.

Give it a shot, you should be able to make large leaps in long periods of time.

However, I do wish to point out that this method is poor for someone who desires to play for extended periods of time with their high tier teams. Without paying for fuel cells, you wind up at a point where your point accumulation slows down because of the natural fuel cell regeneration. So, be careful.

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