Alliance War Chronicles 9/1 – Those Decepticons

So… Until I actually discern the identity of our mystery masked opponent, we will never know who exactly we are fighting. I will attempt to guess the identity once I see the commander’s base.

The line-up will also be updated as I get more info.

Base #1

A simple little
A simple little level 8 base. This base features a great Slip-stream spot right next to the base. Hit the auto-cannon that is next to the beam to be able to hit the base, beam, and mortar nearby. Enjoy the fireworks.

Base #2

Our typical level 10 base.
Our typical level 10 base. This base has a decent spread, making AOE-heavy teams a difficult choice to utilize. I would instead suggest sniping the base with one-shot hits. Otherwise, you can use your warriors to get in close to each mortar and systematically take them out.

Base #3

A real level 11 vase.
A real level 11 base. This base has an adequate spread, but there are still AOE spots for those who enjoy seeing multiple defenses fall at once. Aim for the auto cannon next to the shock tower and beam with either Slip-comboes or Mixmaster. That will give you a healthy start to damaging this base. Also, Skywarp is a useful ally for those pesky little missile launchers. My video will show annihilation of a different standard though.

Base #4

A level 12 base
A level 12 base with the capacity for level 40+ bots. Prepare your EMP to take care of these guys if needed.  This base features two level 8 mortars to the right and a level 9 to the left.  A level 1 missile launcher, level 4 shock tower, and two level 5 beams. Unlike my normal runs, I will save my A team for this base to take it down with ease.
For this base, I will actually suggest the use of AOE, for the mortars and beams are close to each other. If you hit along the wall to the right with Mixmaster, you should be able to take out two mortars and a beam. You can also take out a beam and massively damage a mortar by hitting on the outpost in between the beam and mortar.


Yea, figures... Max level 14. Just aim for the 150.
Yea, figures… Max level 14. Just aim for the 150.

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