Alliance War Chronicles 8-29 – VTI Legends

Before I get started with today’s post, great work on the event this weekend! We kicked but through every moment of that event! All of you deserve the 4*s that you received.

So, with that said, let’s war!

We have a bit of a challenge for tonight. Let’s hope the system doesn’t screw us over.

Base #1

Tips written in later
We have a relatively well built level 10 base to start us off with. I know most of you worked up the level of your Cons with the event, so you should start having the firepower to easily handle this sort of base.
I went in from the right and sniped out the beam and mortars with a combination of Starscream and Long Haul. The spread of the base makes area attacks unfavorable. Do note that there is a Strafe waiting on the right side. Also, the shock tower is completely avoidable if you cut in from the side.

Base #2

Adding later
Another level 10 base with possibly weaker defenses than the first base. This base has a level 1 mortar to the left side. It also has the main guns grouped together, so you can easily hit them with AOE strikes. Aim for the auto cannons to the sides of the shock tower to take out most of this base’s defenses with either a Slipstream or a Mixmaster. Otherwise, snipe with fliers and take it by storm.

Base #3

Do not be intimidated.
Do not be intimidated. More and more of our members are leveling up Cons that can take on these sorts of bases, so time to flex your muscles. This base requires a level of patience, since the big guns are all up above. Luckily, they are also all up above. So, you can calmly work up to them.
Also, do note that there are two bots, an Arcee and an Optimus, waiting for you on the right side, and only a Slug on the right side. I would suggest moving in from the far left to save yourself the trouble of dealing with too many bots at once.

Base #4

We have another level 12 base in the fourth slot.
We have another level 12 base in the fourth slot. This base features these defenses: two level 5 beams, one level 1 missile launcher, two level 6 mortars, one level 8 mortar, and one level 3 shock tower. It may be possible to cut in from the sides and avoid the shock tower, just need to deploy properly. You can use AOE to take out the missile launcher and two beams. I would suggest taking out the high level mortar as quickly as possible. There is no benefit to one side over the other.


Here stands our final level 12 base of the night. This one has a decent spread to it, so flying teams will have the advantage here. This base features two level 6 beams, one level 1 launcher, three level 9 mortars, and one level 4 shock tower. Cut in from the side and rush to take out the mortars, for they will be your largest threats. Also, prepare to EMP the three bots that are waiting for you near the shock tower.

Good luck everyone!

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