Prep talk for the upcoming event

Hello, my fellow Decepticons! As your leader, it is my duty to show you how to be a wicked killing machine, especially when it comes to events. This is especially important because I’m going to be pushing you harder than before to get minimum scores.

While I’m not aiming for the top seating in these events, I would like to see a decent position out of our team. Moreover, I want you all to grow stronger teams. So, racking up the points in these events is a win-win situation for all of us.

So, onto the tips on what you should do to get high scores with minimal effort.

So, the most important tip of all is to use multiple squads to attack as often as possible. Cooldowns are killer in this game. So, you need to work with all those Decepticons that are sitting in your base and waiting to be loved. Each of these cons is willing to strike at a base and claim a prize.

For a more detailed break down of how these help out, let’s use some visuals and whatnot.

A team:

A Team reporting for duty

So, this team alone should be able to get a high score in the event, right? No… not quite a right story. See… yes, I can hit the zone 8-10 with this team, racking over 60 points per win. However…

Boo! Cooldown

35 minute cool down. Yikes!

So, let’s do some simple math as to what a cheap player would spend to do anything with just this team alone?

35 minutes + 60 points + not really doing math + 60 minute hour = at best 120 points per hour. When the stars align and you actually strike twice in an hour.

So, that’s not going to work, is it?

B team:

The B Team

So, let’s modify those tactics and look at adding another team. Hey look, another team ready to do zone 8! Awesome! That means another easy 60 points to add to the equation.

So, right out the door, but hitting these teams back to back, I’m able to get 120 points. Awesome! But… There’s more!

C team:

C team holding the bottom line

Yet another strong contender that is easily able to take out zone 6 without much of a challenge. So, let’s modify those numbers, shall we?

Within the first three fights, meaning 10-15 minutes, I am capable of… Let’s see… 60+60+50= 170 points. Not bad for a few moments of quick work, huh?

And this continues on until my fuel cells run out. And since cooldowns are a thing, it takes a few hours to burn through all my fuel cells when I’m sitting on top of the game. So, I get a pretty decent start to forming a large score.

So, what do I do if I don’t have any cons that I’ve leveled up outside of my first team? Well, let’s answer that question by looking at my C team. I took strong members from my other teams and inserted them into the team to help boost it into a decently powerful team that can handle bases without much stress. I also have Cons that were leveled for a time then dropped because I found ones I like more to use in my teams. You can always use them to form alternate teams.

But Seferia, your teams are so strong! How can I hope to get a high score with all level 1s? Remember that little formula on cool downs and the lower score actually boosting up the score to exceed what the single strong team can do? That remains true for teams of all strengths. You’ll be able to get better scores if you throw in low zone fights with weak teams and build them up.

If you’re limited in time, this also saves you the wait on cooldowns. Just throw teams at this event until your fuel cells are depleted then move on with what you need to do with your time. A decent way to play the game without the frustration of cooldowns.

So… what happens when you actually run out of fuel cells? Another decent point. When you run out of cooldowns, the multi-team method breaks down a small bit, but it still helps to keep those scores coming. I personally do one of two things, either I set down the game for a bit to eat, sleep, or do something that needs to be done in life, or I wait out the fuel cell cool downs and continue to alternate my teams because I find that when one is on cool down, the other is up. The score accumulation slows down at this time, for sure. However, it does continue to steadily build at a faster rate than having one team to rely on.

Seferia, why are you making fake questions? Because I can!

So, one final bit of advice. You may notice that I did calculations for my teams to hit zone 8 when I have stated that the A team can hit zone 10. Well, the reason for this is because the risk of losing a skirmish brings far worse rewards than constantly winning at a zone where I know I can win. Also, it has been noted that the bases ramp up a bit during events. So, it’s better to play it safe, always get points, and rack them up. Whenever I push it for risks, I wind up kicking myself for losing out on 60-70 points and wasting 5 fuel cells.

So, to save yourself the sad times, always aim for those zones that you can win without an issue.

Good luck everyone! Remember, my min is 1500 this time around. Let’s get ourselves some very strong teams.

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