So, first full-on video with commentary, sound, and all that jazz

Hello, my fellow Decepticons! Seferia here and is going to start making videos to help teach you guys the tips and tricks for the game that she has learned while playing. Tonight was her first go recording, so there were some hiccups for sure.

Anyway, rather than simply make posts about what can be useful and what can’t, I have invested in the means to record my gameplay. This will help me directly show what can and can’t be done. As I progress in these recordings, I’ll probably edit more things together and make things work out at a better clip.

So, without further ado, the video along with some written commentary as well.

So, this video is a very first outing of recording the game while playing. While I have come experience doing such with Monster Hunter, I am out of practice. So, my apologies on not being the greatest example of clean game-play there.

Also, the bases were not the greatest choices for a showcase, but they did get the message across. I will work on coming up with more videos as time comes on.

Feel free to make suggestions on things to concentrate on when making tip videos for you guys.

Now, as stated by the video, my all gunner technique is rather awkward and was developed as a necessity since the game denied me fliers for the longest time. It is a high risk strategy that has given me high reward for taking.

You may also spot a strategy for missile launchers that I didn’t really comment on because I had screwed up. They have a dead zone like mortars do. So, if you have your tank rush in on them, you will be able to take them down.

As a final tip that I did not touch on for this video, launchers are deadliest when your team is clumped up. So, certain moves that clump up your team are a poor choice against launchers.

I’ll work on coming up with more tips as time continues on! Enjoy the fact that Seferia now how iPad based video capture available!

Onto watching movies on Amazon Prime for this gal.

Edit: To get things done, and because I thought the processing wouldn’t take that long, I posted this before the video was fully up. Check in later if it is not showing.

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